Of Bargains, Building, And Secrets

PixelCat Textures - Backgrounds 18

So, it’s really no secret that… One moment, going to let you wait before I reveal the not secret secret! First I should probably welcome you to the weekend, and the delightful bargains Miss Reghan has available for you. So welcome to the weekend and the bargains. Okay, okay, textures! Can I just say that I am over the big, beautiful moon with the special for this round of My 60L Secret. Meet Backgrounds 18, decadent, dark, and delicious! I promise I’m not eating the textures again, honest. But could you blame me if I did? These colors are irresistible and I’m certain I hear them planting all kinds of interesting ideas for their use in my spinny mind. I’ll stop twirling now and let you know that you can find this set for the sixty linden price until Mui8o… Once more without kitty paws shall we, until Monday eve at PixelCat.

PixelCat Textures - Very Fancy Tiles
PixelCat Textures - Distressed Facade

Now, shall we head over to Builders Bargains to see what is happening there? It looks like there are four lovely sets awaiting your bargain shopping pleasure. First up are Very Fancy Tiles, and Distressed Facade. Whether you want your tiles to be perfection or prefer a distressed look you should be set with these. And then when you’re ready for some fun decor color pops you can take a gander at Coloured Weaves, and 1930s Colours Fabric. Those weaves are speaking right to the heart of my fingers, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my hands off them. Perhaps if I look to the fabrics and lose myself in the lovely colors… Oh yes, that’s the stuff. You will find all four sets on sale at Builders Bargains until Sunday eve. I wish you all a texturally delightful weekend, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Coloured Weaves
PixelCat Textures - 1930s Colours Fabric

Textures Are In Season!

PixelCat Textures - Sheared Stone
PixelCat Textures - Checkered Stone Tiles

As the weekend approaches, so does texture season. And the lovely Miss Reghan is ready for it! Oh, and to be perfectly honest, it’s always texture season. But I’m determined this weekend is extra special. Can you blame me? Just look at the sets available for this round of Builders Bargains! Meet Sheared Stone, and Checkered Stone Tiles. Both of these sets have me feeling the need to settle into a nice little outdoor cafe, fingers wrapped about a nice, hot cup of coffee while watching the trees… just waiting for the first leaf to drop to the ground. You’ll find both of these bargains available at Builders Bargains until Sunday eve.

PixelCat Textures - Colab 104 - Chalkboard
PixelCat Textures - Fall Fashion Colours 2014 - Cords II

Then as we make our way back to the PixelCat shop we will be met by the specials for My 60L Secret. First up is Colab 104 – Chalkboard. If I had my way I’d have chalkboards hanging all over the place, with all the pretty colored chalks for all the fun doodling, and perhaps even message writing! Next we have Fall Fashion Colours 2014 – Cords II. You better believe I am wanting to settle into some nice corded pants and a vest for that outdoor cafe trip! I’ll bring along a little chalkboard, and have a great date with the fresh air and the trees. Now THAT promises to be a beautiful weekend. These sets will be on sale until Monday eve. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

The Textures Enchant Me

PixelCat Textures - Glittery Stars and Moons
PixelCat Textures - Scrunched Stars and Moons

Pssst! Over here! *waves from amidst a pile of pretty materials* There are some lovely new textures this weekend, as well as one not so new but still totally lovely one! Are you ready to meet the bargains for this round of Builders Bargains? I’m certainly ready to introduce you! Let us start with Glittery Stars And Moons, and Scrunched Stars And Moons. As you can see I’ve decided to wrap myself up in these so I can get cozy comfy for some reading. Enchanting, oh yes! Now, while those wizards get all busy with their spells, I’m going to turn my eyes to the skies for I’m hoping for a dragony appearance. There’s every chance in the world I will use the lovely Pearls set to lure the great beast in. And once I’ve done that, well I have plans! I like plans you see, true story!

PixelCat Textures - Pearls
PixelCat Textures - Board of Wood - Edged and Lit
PixelCat Textures - Board of Wood

Now, be sure to have a look at Board Of Wood, and Board Of Wood – Edged And Lit. *does a happy dance* I’m sure you have fun things in mind for these, here’s what I am thinking I will do. A slice here, a slice there and with a flick of my wrist I shall make the ultimate chess board! Then I shall challenge the dragon to a game. It will be much fun, almost as fun as shopping for great texture deals. However, where all the shoppers win, I’m likely to lose in my adventure. But that’s just fine, for I will have the best time doing it! Until next time, happy shopping and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

Scrunchy Limes and Corduroys

PixelCat Textures - Lemon & Lime Coloured Material
PixelCat Textures - Scrunched IV

Have you ever met a lime that you didn’t like? Well I sure haven’t, and come to think of it, I’ve yet to meet a lemon that didn’t make me smile! This time in Builders Bargains our lovely Miss Reghan has some lemon and lime delight in Lemon & Lime Coloured Material. And if you’re of a mind to make a basket full of fabric lemons and limes for an imaginary picnic with your favorite teddy bear, or your pet dragon, then be sure to look to Scrunched IV, a set of wonderful scrunchy fabrics that would be lovely for lining said basket!

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re already contemplating what to wear for such a fabulous picnic. Well, let me tell you a little secret… the delectable season of fall is headed our way, and Miss Reghan has had the forethought to get us ready for it with two beautiful and touchable sets. Meet Corduroys and Corduroys – Shaded. I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my fingers off of them, to be perfectly honest. And I’m certainly not waiting for fall to get here before I start wearing corduroy pants, and vests, and cute hair accessories! I’m much too impatient to wait, you see. And if, like me, you are much too impatient to wait to do some shopping, then I wish you joy as you head off to Builders Bargains! A wonderful weekend to one and all, I’ll be over here with my lemon cookies, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Corduroys
PixelCat Textures - Corduroys - Shaded

Knock Knock!

PixelCat Textures - Colab 103 - Vintage Crate Tops

PixelCat Textures - Colab 103 - Planks (part alpha)

Who’s there? Why it’s that girl who has come to introduce you to some fun new texture friends! So, let’s leap right into it, shall we? Miss Reghan has come up with some woody goodness for this round of Colab, which as you might guess has a theme of Knock On Wood. First up we have Vintage Crate Tops, which I must admit made me squee with some serious delights. There’s little doubt these will work their way into my decor, and likely in some unexpected places. Keep it fun I always say! Next we have Planks (part alpha), a lovely set for creating pathways and decking with some interest, be it cracks, nails or holes! Or if you prefer you can go with the pristine looking pranks. I’m pondering making myself a new dock and mixing up the colors, as there’s no way I’d be able to decide which one I want to use. It’s either that or make three docks! Hmmm, now there’s a thought.

PixelCat Textures - Wood Slabs

PixelCat Textures - Colab 103 - Wood Slats

PixelCat Textures 6Pack - Vintage Label Crate Sides

Moving right along let’s knock on the first wood we see and find out who it is… Well lookie there, Wood Slabs! I must say it is a delight to meet you, and those beautiful swirls in your grain. I foresee a beautiful friendship forming here! Oh and who is this with you? Wood Slats? Looking lovely with that fantastic selection of tones, you are! I imagine you will fit in well around here, or anywhere you go, truly. Finally we have Vintage Label Crate Sides, who I suspect has every intention of working very closely with Tops who we met earlier. I love teamwork like that!

PixelCat Textures - Fabric Set - Avocado, Mint, Gold

PixelCat Textures - Fabric Set - Vivid Pinks

There’s a new round of Builders Bargainst on, and I’m ready to hop right into sharing the PixelCat delights you will find there. Perhaps you will have your creative heart won over by some fun fabrics? Meet Fabric Set – Avocado, Mint, Gold and Fabric Set – Vivid Pinks. Need solids, stripes, plaids, or argyles? They’re all there! How about delicate silks, funky jellybeans, and some fun and groovy pyschedlic patterns? Yup, we’ve got those too. Pattern delight, I’m having it, feel free to share in the joy. And if you find these fascinating but are craving something a bit less wild, perhaps something to suit your tame side while still being fabulously fun, then be sure to meet Rainbow Hues – Velvet and Velvet Rainbow Hues Shaded. Something to suit most here, no doubt about it, and fun! You will find these bargain sets at Builders Bargains. I wish you all the most beautiful weekend, and we’ll see you at PixelCat.

PixelCat Textures - Rainbow Hues - Velvet

PixelCat Textures - Velvet Rainbow Hues Shaded

Falling For Fashion

PixelCat Textures - Fall Colours 2014 - Leather
PixelCat Textures - Fall Colours 2014 - Denim

Greetings one and all! It’s time for some fashionable fall textures and a test run of the blogger’s new keyboard! I think all will go smashingly well. Let me know if it’s too loud, hmm? This weekend the ever lovely Miss Reghan has some fantastically colored textures available for both My 60L Secret and Creators Market. Shall we start with the Secret goodies? These beauties are colorific delights, and I do hope they’ll have you going “Ooooooo!” like they do me. Leather, Denim, and Denim Shaded are the three sets you’ll find at the shop for a mere 60L each until Sunday eve. My mind is going wild with thoughts of cute denim and leather skirts, perfect for hitting the dance clubs or perhaps even just dancing in my living room. Where will you let them take you?

PixelCat Textures - Fall Colours 2014 - Denim Shaded
PixelCat Textures - Fall Fashion Colours 2014 - Floral Fabric
PixelCat Textures - Fall Colours - Cloth

And if that’s not enough then you will certainly want to head over to Builders Bargains, where you will find some eyecatching materials, from the Fall Fashion Colours 2014 collection. Take a good look at Floral Fabric, Cloth, Floral Fabric Shaded, and Cloth Shaded. I’m certain the Cloth is telling me I need some fun scarves and hair wraps, while the Floral sets are whispering to me that they’ll be perfect vests to go with those skirts I was plotting earlier. And then they want to trade places! Oh do I ever feel the need to get out dancing in all my new colorful finery! But first I must shop for new shoes! While I do that I wish you happy texture shopping and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Fall Fashion Colours 2014 - Floral Fabric Shaded
PixelCat Textures - Fall Colours 2014 - Cloth Shaded

All The Best Booty On The Runway

PixelCat Textures - Fall Fashion Colours 2014 - Suede
PixelCat Textures - Fall Fashion Colours - Velvet
PixelCat Textures - Fall Fashion Colours 2014 - Cords

So, what do you get when you mix delectable fashion and devious pirate treasure? Most awesome booty, that’s what. Miss Reghan has some utterly fantastic textures on special this weekend for your shopping delight. So without further ado, allow me to introduce the Fall Fashion Colours 2014 sets: Suede, Velvet, Cords, Cords Shaded, Velvet Shaded, and Scrunched Silk. There’s every chance in the world that I am plotting wrapping myself up in the brown and the orange of these sets for the next several days. Color love, I have it! All touchably awesome and all for the bargain price of 60L during the Builders Bargains event.

PixelCat Textures - Fall Fashion Colours 2014 - Cords Shaded
PixelCat Textures - Fall Fashion Colours 2014 - Velvet Shaded
PixelCat Textures - Fall Fashion Colours 2014 - Scrunched Silk
PixelCat Textures - Colab 102 - Old Parchment

Now, let us transition ever so smoothly from fashion to the good stuff, eh? Pirate treasure! I’m scooping up my map and ready to go. Do take a moment to admire the Old Parchment as we make our way into the Creators Colab round for this month. As we sail in search of the fantastic booty my sails will be fluttering in the finest materials to be found, as Material and Material Shaded make their way to my deck, ready to be of assistance on this journey.

PixelCat Textures - Colab 102 - Material
PixelCat Textures - Colab 102 - Material Shaded
PixelCat Textures - Colab 102 - Foil

Onward we go, and as I consult the map with some of my crew members I realize they are dressed in some of the dreariest colors I’ve seen. I simply can’t have that. I expect my crew to be fashionable, or at least pretend! So we must make haste to the booty so we can acquire some new garb in Cords, Cords Shaded, Cloth, and Cloth Shaded. With such rich hues we will be the envy of the seas, we will! And then there is Foil! Cannot wait to get my fingers on that one! But what is that I see in the distance? Why it’s a scrumptious gypsy man. He’ll make a fine first mate methinks! Enjoy these sets at PixelCat, and happy sailing!

PixelCat Textures - Colab 102 - Cords
PixelCat Textures - Colab 102 - Cords Shaded
PixelCat Textures - Colab 102 - Cloth
PixelCat Textures - Colab 102 - Cloth Shaded