Splish Splash Colors!

PixelCat Textures - Splish Splash Spa - Swirly Glass #94

*peeks out of the sea of color, glorious color* Well hello there! How are you on this fine day? Doing well here, thank you. Were you aware that a new round of Colab Creators Kits has started? It dawned on me when I fell into this pile of fantastic textures. The theme for this round is Splish Splash Spa, #94. Allow me to introduce you to Miss Reghan’s offerings, eh? We have Swirly Glass, Denim, Denim Shaded, Silk, Silk Shaded, Velvet, and Velvet Shaded! A merry bunch methinks, can you come up with 94 ways to use them? I’ll allow you a few moments to stroll through all the pretty pictures, and I shall be waiting down below… contemplating 94 ways myself while my fingers insist on playing with the swirling delight of the glass!

PixelCat Textures - Splish Splash Spa - Denim #94
PixelCat Textures - Splish Splash Spa - Denim Shaded #94
PixelCat Textures - Splish Splash Spa - Silk #94
PixelCat Textures - Splish Splash Spa - Silk Shaded #94
PixelCat Textures - Splish Splash Spa - Velvet #94
PixelCat Textures - Splish Splash Spa - Velvet Shaded #94

Hi! Nice to see you again. I do hope you enjoyed your stroll. Do feel free to stop by the shop from now until April 23rd to pick these sets up at the special 60L price. Are you ready to meet the next specials? As the weekend is fast upon us, we see the return of My 60L Secret. Miss Reghan is carrying us down a softer path for this one, the sets being more subdued in tone, but just as much fun to let our creative minds run amok with! It is my pleasure to introduce Tight Pastel Weave, Pastel Plush, Pastel Plush Shaded, and Velvet Squares Again. They’ll all happily go home with you at their special price until Monday eve. Again, I will allow you the time to have a wander through the loveliness and will meet you at the next set!

PixelCat Textures - Tight Pastel Weave
PixelCat Textures - Pastel Plush
PixelCat Textures - Pastel Plush Shaded
PixelCat Textures - Velvet Squares Again

Oh look at that, there you are! Fancy meeting you here. (Insert a giggly smile here, if you please) Would you like to meet the last of the special beauties now? I thought you might. I can’t wait to get my fingers on these, and I swear my fish are asking for a fancy new indoor pond here. You will find Fancy Stone, which is just begging to be used in nummerful creations. There’s something about this one I find very soothing. And if you feel the need for some tile, then certainly be sure to meet Fancy Silver Tiling and Fancy Gold Tiling. They’re bound to add to your decor in wonderful ways. These Super Sales Weekend specials will be available at their bargain prices until Sunday eve. I wish you a weekend of happiness, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Fancy Stone
PixelCat Textures - Fancy Silver Tiling
PixelCat Textures - Fancy Gold Tiling

A Little Secret

PixelCat Textures - Assorted Denim Squares

Greetings to one and all! So, I’ve got this little secret, though in all honesty it’s likely not a secret at all. I adore comfort, with ever so much adoring. So this weekend’s specials make me extra happy as I can imagine all the things of comfort I can do with them. Miss Reghan has three lovely texture sets available as part of the My 60L Secret sale, which runs to Monday eve. First up is a delightful set of Assorted Denim Squares. These immediately bring to mind relaxing my way through the weekend in a favorite pair of jeans. You know, the jeans that have been washed to the perfect state of softness and loungability? Yup, those jeans. I think I will go with the nice earthy brown rather than the traditional blue. Or perhaps I’ll go lounge in the yard in nice green ones, blend into the grass. This is where the other two sets of textures will come in handy. A pretty blouse in the velvet or stripes, I could be a flower! Oh go on, it’s a good weekend to be a flower, or a pretty couch potato or whatever else your imagination comes up with. Happy bargain shopping, and a beautiful weekend to you. We’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Material Stripes
PixelCat Textures - Velvet Squares Again Shaded

Shades Glorious Shades

PixelCat Textures - Fiesta - Wicker Stripes #93

Shades of bright, shades of light, and shades of greys! Miss Reghan has them all for you today in her wonderful way. Let’s start with the bright as it has me in this delightful mood I just have to share! For this round of Colab Creators Kits you will find the beautiful Fiesta packs. From wickers to silks, the creative inspirations abound. I’m ready for the music, the dancing and all the food, no doubt about it. A table set with the striped set wickers, wicker plate holders, vases for the flowers, baskets for the breads, and even a wicker fish… I’m getting a kick out of this.

PixelCat Textures - Fiesta - Wicker #93
PixelCat Textures - Fiesta - Shaded Wicker #93
PixelCat Textures - Fiesta - Silk #93

And then the silks! Gloriously colored swirly skirts to swish with glee about your ankles, or your knees if you so please! Silk ribbons to wear in your hair, dancing merrily in the air as you enjoy the music. I don’t know about you, but all this partying is going to glide me right from fiesta into much needed siesta! Shall we head into some softer, soothing shades for that? I’m thinking so!

PixelCat Textures - Fiesta - Silk Shaded #93
PixelCat Textures - Fiesta - Scrunched Silk #93
PixelCat Textures - 12 Shades of Grey Silk

For the My 60L Secret sale you will find three sets of grey, two silks in shaded and not shaded as well as a wicker set. Looking to create a relaxing monochrome environment? Here you go, perfect bargains to bring that vision to pixel life! This lasts until the weekend’s end.

My 60L Secret - 60L for weekend. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Taygete/213/61/809
PixelCat Textures - 6 Shades of Shaded Grey Wicker
PixelCat Textures - Rough Material - PastelRough Material - Pastel

To wrap up this shadeariffic (I swear that’s a word) sharing of bargains, let’s look the Pastel Rough Material sets. Once again you will find shaded and unshaded versions to suit your creative needs, and these colors are so delightfully gentle. I find myself wanting to make little drawstring bags and then wanting to make little gems out of the Flat Scarf Silks and hiding them inside. Soft AND shiny, a good combination in my book, much like sharp and pointy. These sets are also on sale until the weekend’s end. I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Rough Material - Rough Material - Pastel Shaded
PixelCat Textures - Flat Scarf Silk

Pouncing Into The Textures!

PixelCat Textures - Scarf Material II - Shaded

Spring sprang in yesterday and gave me this most excellent reason to celebrate my love for color! (As if I needed more reasons, eh?) So what better time for a delightful sale on some tactile delights that are brimming with beautiful hues? Super Sales Weekend has arrived and Miss Reghan has some very pretty bargains for your shopping pleasure. Now, as can be expected I’m starting off with what may well be my favorite of this batch. The Scarf Material II set is rich, vibrant, and oh so touchable. The deep brown makes me think of happily scrunching my toes in the mud, so dearest Momma Nature, if you could drop some rain for dancing in and making mud puddles for said toe scrunching, that would be wonderful. There’s something about these textures that speaks to my fingers ever so much, what with the wrinkles and the fascinating swirlies. Tactile delight, yes please!

PixelCat Textures - Easter Egg Dye

If you happen to be one of those who loves your spring colors to be a bit lighter or brighter, well here you go! Perhaps some wonderful Easter Egg Dye to ready you for creating pretty eggs for hiding here and there. I keep finding wonderfully clever places to hide my eggs, but the rabbit keeps finding them and absconding with them.

PixelCat Textures - Handmade Paper Edged
PixelCat Textures - Handmade Paper

Then we move on to some lovely papers, handmade ones in both regular and edged varieties. Now my first thought with these is that I need to put them on my hatboxes, and make some pretty notebooks for making delightful doodles. (Or for those who can draw, a lovely drawing journal!) What ways would you put these to use? So many things to do it gives me happies! All four of these sets are available at the sale price until Sunday eve.

PCT - Cast your vote with Voting Gems - 512 or 1024_

And one more thing before I let you get to your texture shopping. Miss Reghan has set up a special set of textures available for 10L, in two sizes. If you would please buy one of the boxes in the size you prefer she can have a better idea of which size her customers like. And who can resist pretty gems? The dragon side of my soul says I can’t! Thank you in advance for your participation. Wishing you a glorious spring weekend, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

Everything’s Coming Up Colors!

PixelCat Textures - Stoned

Happy happy, joy joy! Hello one and all, the weekend approacheth and with it I bring you Miss Reghan’s latest scrumptious creations and bargains. Please, come and share the joy with me, eh? First up we have the items available for Super Sales Weekend. Stoned grabs for my creative heart with a not at all surprising quickness. For me it speaks of cozy nooks where a girl can dream of magical beings and faraway places. Yes, Jen is so going to do some creative nookering in her home this weekend with these!

PixelCat Textures - Scarf Fabric II
PixelCat Textures - Vintage Colours Scrunched
PixelCat Textures - Greens II

You will also find the three beautiful sets above for your bargain shopping pleasure. The Scarf Fabric II set speaks so strongly to my color love, isn’t it delightful? *runs her fingers across them* Now I find myself imagining some fantastic throw pillows and drapes for my nook. What can you see yourself creating with them? Be sure to give in to the temptation to touch the scrunchable beauty of vintage colors while you’re here, or delight in the fantastic greens. All four sets are available at the bargain price until Sunday eve.

PixelCat Textures - Eggsellent - Silk Shaded #92
PixelCat Textures - Eggsellent - Silk #92
PixelCat Textures - Eggsellent - Scrunched #92

Let’s do a little spin and look at the offerings for this round of Colab Creators Kits, where the theme is Eggsellent. First we have some lovely silks, in shaded and non-shaded variations. My mind is thinking a room full of pretty silk flowers with all the fantastic colors. Mixed together with the Scrunched set, there are so many pretty possibilities. Love these colors!

PixelCat Textures - Eggsellent - Foil #92
PixelCat Textures - Eggsellent - Shells #92
PixelCat Textures - Eggsellent - Striped Eggshell Dye #92

With the season of the egg approaching it’s wonderful to see these next three sets: Foil, Shells, and Striped Eggshell Dye. I promise I’m not thinking of making up a bunch of foil eggs and leaving them all around to tease the family with thoughts of foil wrapped chocolate, that would be rotten. Mmmmm temptation! And can we talk about the Shells and Striped Eggshell Dye sets? Oh my! Speckly and striped color delight. I’m looking forward to the fun of gathering the family together to color eggs, and then hide them amidst all the colors I’ve decorated with.

PixelCat Textures - Striped Candy Foil

And before I dash off and leave you to the shopping delight, I simply must share this. Starting tomorrow you will find the Striped Candy Foil set hidden somewhere in the store. Our dear Miss Reghan is participating in the Slap Happy Hunt from The Creative Horde. Hunt prizes will be 1L each and the hunt runs until April 15th. Enjoy that, as well as the midnight mania board and the lucky chair. A lovely weekend to you all, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

These Are The Textures You’re Looking For

PixelCat Textures - Vivid Foil

*tiptoes in loudly* Hello there! Ready for a lovely weekend? I certainly am. It’s Super Sales Weekend again and mmmm does Miss Reghan ever have some fun textures out for your bargain shopping delight. First up we have the Vivid Foil collection, a delectable virtual rainbow sporting not only a splendid array of colors, but also a tantalizing texture for your fingertips to enjoy. And if that’s not enough for your texture touching there is the Scrunched Silk set. Can we say soft and shiny? Mmmmm yeah, that’s the stuff!

PixelCat Textures - Scrunched Silk I

PixelCat Textures - Pastel Colour Disks Alpha

Let’s roll the ball right along with the Pastel Colour Disks Alpha, shall we? Not only do they feature the yummy shine, they also come in some of the colors I adore the most. Shiny + Color = Happies! Now that’s my kind of math. Finally we have the Compositioned Stripes collection and egads is my mind ever running away with this one! Not only do we have a nice variety of textures, we have a most excellent selection of colors! Now, if you would please excuse me. I might need to slip over to Naomi’s house… No, I am not even remotely considering retexturing everything in tartan and dots. Would I do that? Shhh, don’t answer! ;) A lovely weekend to you one and all, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Compositioned Stripes

A Thing About Colors

PixelCat Textures - Dress Up - Shiny #91

In a word, COLOR! Egads the glorious colors! On with this, shall we? Also, hello! I am making serious grabby hands with the first of the sets for Colab Creators Kits. This round is Let’s Dress Up, and I’m certainly ready to dress not only myself up, but all my things with the lovely textures Miss Reghan has available! *sets them all before you for feasting your eyes upon* Gems and velvets and silks, oh my!

PixelCat Textures - Dress Up Velvet Shaded #91

PixelCat Textures - Dress Up - Silk Shaded #91

PixelCat Textures - Let's Dress Up - Purples #91

PixelCat Textures - Dress Up Velvets #91

PixelCat Textures - Dress Up Silk #91

But wait, there’s more! You see, we can’t forget Super Sales Weekend. More bargain shopping joy, mmmm yeah! How about we start off with these ridiculously delicious Vintage Colours Corduroys. Or perhaps the smoother finish of the Cloth set is more to your liking? Or you could be like me and decide you must have them both. Variety is a wonderful thing! And for more fun there you can also tantalize your senses with the two silk sets, in jewel tone or pastels! Both tones are delightful, and pastel are the matching unshaded set to the shaded set you will find in the Midnight Mania. The SSW specials last until Sunday eve, so be sure to take advantage of the bargains. And then if you’re feeling in a partying mood then head on over to the Mardi Gras event at Mieville, where our dear Miss Reghan has some delightful Mardi Gras textures available. (And a beautiful floral headband as well!) Until next time, may your days be bright and full of laughter, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Vintage Colours Corduroys

PixelCat Textures - Vintage Colours - Cloth

PixelCat Textures - Jewel Tone Silk

PixelCat Textures - Pastels of Silk