All The Pretty Textures

PixelCat Textures - Colab 112 - Stripes
PixelCat Textures - Colab 112 - Criss Cross Knit II
PixelCat Textures - Colab 112 - Criss Cross Knit I

Hello hello! I promise I’ll not take much of your time, unless like me you find yourself lingering to gaze at and touch all the textures! A new round of Colab is in motion and Miss Reghan has some delectably lovely textures for your shopping glee. Allow me to introduce Stripes, Criss Cross Knit II, Criss Cross Knit I, Kitty Sweater, and Plush. These colors have me doing a happy dance, and I have to make a small confession. The cuteness of Kitty Sweater… it makes it impossible for me to say its name, all that comes out is SQUEEE! Adorable much? Oh yes! You’ll find these touchably fun textures at PixelCat, of course!

PixelCat Textures - Colab 112 - Kitty Sweater
PixelCat Textures - Colab 112 - Plush
PixelCat Textures - Thin Stripes and Paisley Fabric

Then if you care to make a little journey, just a quick hop I’m sure, you can head to Builders Bargains to see this weeks specials there. Thin Stripes and Paisley Fabric, Thinly Striped Scarf Fabric, and Glass Gems I are all waiting for you to help you along in your creative process.

PixelCat Textures - Thinly Striped Scarf Fabric
PixelCat Textures - Glass Gems I

Oh! And whatever you do don’t let me forget to tell you about the Advent 2014 set back at the shop. This pretty pack is only 25L, and only until December 22nd. So much fun texture shopping to be done. I hope you enjoy. I wish you all a most joyous season, and we’ll see you at PixelCat.

PixelCat Textures - Advent 2014

Of Paisley And Witty Knits

PixelCat Textures - Paisley Foil
PixelCat Textures - Paisley Material

Hello hello! Thanks for stopping by, you’re just in time for the fun. As you can see it’s time for My 60L Secret, and Miss Reghan has some particularly pretty secrets this weekend! I am pleased to introduce Paisley Foil, Paisley Material, and Christmas Knitwits. Now, I don’t know about you, but my feet are making grabby hands at those Knitwits. I can hear them whispering to themselves, “Socks socks socks, all we want are socks, festive socks, argyle socks, socks with toes!”. I wonder if I should be worried by this? Perhaps I should, but I seem to be utterly distracted with the paisley goodness that is happening here. I’m going to go roll around in the paisley while you do your bargain shopping. The sale runs til Monday eve. I wish you a most wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Christmas Knitwits

When Textures Buzz

PixelCat Textures - Colab 109 - Coffee Cup Foil
PixelCat Textures - Colab 109 - Bean Corduroys

Hmm, do you hear that? Wait… now! That! I’ve been trying to find this buzzing noise all day, and can’t for the life of me figure out where it’s coming from. It’s making me a bit batty, to be perfectly honest. What’s that? The buzzing is coming from me??? *gulps* Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten into the new textures… But I just couldn’t help myself. Please, come see them and you’ll understand why, surely. I just hope Miss Reghan will understand why some of them have been… nibbled. Allow me to introduce Coffee Cup Foil, Bean Corduroys, Coffee Cup Glitter, Coffee Beans Foil, Coffee Cup Paper, and Coffee Cup Paper II! I mean seriously, bean corduroy? There’s no way I could stay away from such a thing, let alone foils and glitters. Best of all, everyone can enjoy these delectable sets in the latest round of Creators Colab at PixelCat.

PixelCat Textures - Colab 109 - Coffee Cup Glitter
PixelCat Textures - Colab 109 - Coffee Beans Foil
PixelCat Textures - Colab 109 - Coffee Cup Paper
PixelCat Textures - Colab 109 - Coffee Cup Paper II

Now, if your hands get too warm playing with all the scrumptious coffee textures, you could always buzz your way over to Builders Bargains, where you’ll find two ever so lovely sets available for your bargain shopping. Crystal Flakes II (Alpha) and Crystal Flakes III (Alpha) will happily delight your fingers with a touch of cool and plenty of pretty!

PixelCat Textures - Crystal Flakes II (Alpha)
PixelCat Textures - Crystal Flakes III (Alpha)

THEN, if you want even more fun with snowy goodness, peek back over in the direction of Creators Market, for the themed item specials. Snowflake Knit, Frosty Snowflakes, and Sparkly Snowflakes are all waiting for you. Now, I could ask Miss Reghan exactly what the theme is, but I MIGHT be hiding from her right now after the coffee incident. I hope you will enjoy all this shopping, now if you’ll excuse me, I hear the corduroy calling to me. It’s going, “Jennnnnnn, come snuggle, have a cuppa!” Who am I to ignore that? I wish you all a most delightful weekend and we’ll see you at PixelCat.

PixelCat Textures - Snowflake Knit
PixelCat Textures - Frosty Snowflakes
PixelCat Textures - Sparkly Snowflakes

Time For Textures!

PixelCat Textures - Wet Stone II
PixelCat Textures - Crystal Snowflakes (alpha)

Hello hello! I hope you are all having a most wonderful weekend. I just wish to borrow a quick moment of your time, so I can introduce you to some new lovelies. This weekend for Builders Bargains I’d like you to meet Wet Stone II, Crystal Snowflakes (Alpha), and Marble Tiles. These three are happily waiting to make your acquaintance and are bound to be helpful in furthering your creative ponderings. I’m getting interesting ideas already! How about you? I’ll let you get to your bargain shopping now, thank you for your time. These sets will be available for the 60L price until the weekend’s end. Until next we meet have a lovely day, and we’ll see you at PixelCat.

PixelCat Textures - Marble Tiles

Touch All The Textures

PixelCat Textures - Colab 108 - Leaves
PixelCat Textures - Colab 108 - Knits

Go ahead, feel free to touch them and delight in the feel, the colors, the joy! Our lovely Miss Reghan has some wonderful bargains for you , let’s meet them, shall we? It’s time for another round
of Colab, and I’m ready to cozy up with the four sets you’ll find when you visit PixelCat. Meet Leaves, Knits, Velvet, and Shaded Velvet. They’re ready to make Colab 108 look pretty great, and the colors are ever so appealing to my autumnal tastes. There’s every chance in the world that I can’t keep my fingers away from those velvets, how about you?

PixelCat Textures - Colab 108 - Velvet
PixelCat Textures - Colab 108 - Shaded Velvet
PixelCat Textures - Glass

More texture touching fun has set in over at Creators Market with the newest 60L specials for Builders Bargains. Meet Glass, Metal Damask, Parchment Paper, and Parchment Paper – Edged. My mind whirls with ideas of interesting ways to use these sets, truly it does. I’d tell you about some of them but my feet seem to be leading me over to my house with an uncontrollable urge to replace all the windows on my house! (No, I will not let my feet do the actual replacing!) Feel free to let your feet do some leading, and bring them over to PixelCat! A lovely weekend to you all!

PixelCat Textures - Metal Damask
PixelCat Textures - Parchment Paper
PixelCat Textures - Parchment Paper - Edged

Can You Hear The Textures?

PixelCat Textures - Totally Bats - Foil Wrap
PixelCat Textures - Totally Bats - Glitter

Do you know what it sounds like when the textures sneak up on you? Well, when one of those textures is a gorgeous batty foil it sounds delightfully crinkly! As you can tell, the lass responsible for running the keyboard is running behind, and this is why the textures were able to sneak up on us! So let’s get to meeting the lovelies that Miss Reghan has available for your bargain shopping pleasure this weekend, shall we? Totally Bats – Foil Wrap, Totally Bats – Glitter, Halloween Cords, Floral Formica, Big Flowers Scrunched, and Glittery Damask are all waiting to get acquainted with you and follow you home. Go ahead, give in to the temptation to run your fingers across Foil Wrap, it won’t mind. I’m quite certain that one was made to be touched over and over again. If you’re anything like me you will get lost in Glitter, mmmmmm shiny! Floral Formica has me wanting to redo my counters all over my house, so ridiculously pretty. And I am sure we don’t need to get into the many ways I want to wear the cords, scrunchedness and damask! Best of all, they’re all part of My 60L Secret which runs until Monday eve. I wish you all happy shopping and a beautiful week. We’ll see you next time at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Halloween Cords
PixelCat Textures - Floral Formica
PixelCat Textures - Big Flowers Scrunched
PixelCat Textures - Glittery Damask

Make The Run For Texture Fun!

PixelCat Textures - Big Flower Material
PixelCat Textures - Packaging

Oh hello there! *stops running for a moment to catch her breath* Looks like we’ve found the weekend. Are you on your way to Builders Bargains? Well then allow me to run along with you, I can introduce you to the pretties you’ll find at Miss Reghan’s spot! This weekend you will find Big Flower Material, Packaging, Pumpkin Foil, and Pumpkin Glitter. Four fun sets all ready and waiting for your bargain shopping pleasure, and available until Sunday eve at Builders Bargains.

PixelCat Textures - Pumpkin Foil
PixelCat Textures - Pumpkin Glitter
PixelCat Textures - Colab 106 - Striped Stockings Fabric
PixelCat Textures - Colab 106 - Pumpkin Offset

Now, let’s head back to the shop where you will find the Creators Colab specials. The theme this time is Little Pumpkin, so please enjoy meeting Striped Stockings Fabric, Pumpkin Offset, Pumpkin Metal, and Pumpkin Material. And there you have it, short, sweet, and delicious like a pumpkin! Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Colab 106 - Pumpkin Metal
PixelCat Textures - Colab 106 - Pumpkin Material