Tasteful Tulips and Teals, Oh My!

PixelCat Textures - Teal Appeal - Shaded
PixelCat Textures - Teal Appeal

Hello hello! Welcome to the weekend and this blog post. I am most delighted to show you the bargains our dear Miss Reghan has prepared for you. So lets get right to it! Meet Teal Appeal, Teal Appeal – Shaded, and Tasteful But Naughty Vintage Ladies II (nudes). Now the ladies are simply delightful and bound to add a bright spot to your life, but me… I’m totally lost in the teal. So many pretty patterns and my teal loving head is reeling with ideas! Each of these lovely sets can be yours for a mere 60L at Builders Bargains until the 5th.

PixelCat Textures - Tasteful but Naughty Vintage Ladies II (nudes)
PixelCat Textures - Springtime Foils
PixelCat Textures - Scarf Silk Tulips

Next we can head back to the mainstore and see the My 60L Secret bargains, also 60L delights. Springtime Foils and Scarf Silk Tulips are the lovelies you’ll find when you visit the shop for this sale. I’m feeling some spring color happies, and my shinydar is going off like wildfire. I rather suspect Miss Reghan is trying to distract my inner dragon (who loves color as much as shinies) with these things! Enjoy the pretty colors and the wonderful bargain price, this sale ends Monday the 6th.

PixelCat Textures - Colab 119 - Tulips Fabric
PixelCat Textures - Colab 119 - Springtime Plaids

Finally there’s a new round of Colab, themed as Tiptoe Through The Tulips. Nestled into their spot at PixelCat you will find Tulips Fabric, Springtime Plaids, Cup Flowers Fabric, and Wrinkled Pashmina Tulips. These flowery bits of joy will be available for their 60L price through April 15th. I shall leave you to your shopping happies while I rush off to get creative with those teals! I wish you all a lovely weekend and we’ll see you at PixelCat.

PixelCat Textures - Colab 119 - Cup Flowers Fabric
PixelCat Textures - Colab 119 - Wrinkled Pashmina Tulips

It’s All About That Color

PixelCat Textures - Emboldened Plaid
PixelCat Textures - Dot Dot - Shaded and Not

Hello hello! I thought I’d pop in to show you some delightfully pretty bargains! Our dear Miss Reghan has a nummerful selection of colors and patterns in a couple of events. Let’s get started with My 60L Secret, shall we? Meet Emboldened Plaid, Dot Dot – Shaded And Not, and Pastel Wicker. I simply can’t get enough of this plaid, these colors delight me so. And did you know you could spend a good bit of time counting dots? Or you could always create things with them instead. For a mere 60L the possibilities for fun are endless! You’ll find these sets at the PixelCat Mainstore.

PixelCat Textures - Pastel Wicker
PixelCat Textures - Bright Silk Squares
PixelCat Textures - Eggsellent Striped Eggshell Dye

Then we have the Builders Bargains specials, also on special for 60L, but at Creators Market rather than in the shop. First up is Bright Silk Squares, followed by Eggsellent Striped Eggshell Dye, and finally the ever so lovely Marbled Marble. Fortunately dear Marble has not lost her marbles, I cannot say the same for myself. (After all, I’m over here talking to textures!) They’re all telling me they can’t wait to meet the lot of you, so I shall let them do just that. I wish you all a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you next time at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Marbled Marble

Of Slapdashery and Florals!

PixelCat Textures - Slapdash Paint

Hello hello! I promise I’ll not take too much of your time, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share some awesomely fun textures with you. Our dear Miss Reghan has a couple of wonderful specials for you. Meet Slapdash Paint and Fabriciously Floral. Can you feel the waves of happy coming from these sets? I swear they’re making my fingers tingle with creative anticipation. (I promise I’m not going to Slapdash my neighbor’s house, honest!) You’ll find both sets waiting to fulfill your 60L bargain dreams at Builders Bargains. Enjoy, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Fabriciously Floral

Solid, Shiny, And Soft. Oh My!

PixelCat Textures - Rough Stone
PixelCat Textures - Copper Foils

Hello hello! I hope the day/eve is finding you well and ready for some lovely bargains. I must admit, my fingers have been busy touch testing all the lovely offerings Miss Reghan has out for you! Everything has passed with flying colors, so let’s get to the introductions. First for Builders Bargains we have our rock solid and supremely shiny in Rough Stone and Copper Foils. Both lovely bargains are ever so tantalizing to the touch, go ahead… run your fingers over them!

PixelCat Textures - Colab 117 - Wrinkled Jute
PixelCat Textures - Colab 117 - Velvet Shaded

Now, shall we wander back to the shop to see what is in store for Colab 117? This round the theme is Craft Me A Rainbow. I think we could do that nicely with the lovely colors you’ll find here! Meet Wrinkled Jute, Velvet Shaded, Flower Fabric, Jute, and Velvet. If you don’t mind I’m going to leave you to the bargain shopping, and I’m going to prepare myself for some rainbow craftiness! I wish you all much happiness until next we meet, and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Colab 117 - Flowery Fabric
PixelCat Textures - Colab 117 - Jute
PixelCat Textures - Colab 117 - Velvet

Of Spice And Socks

PixelCat Textures - Spiced Silk II
PixelCat Textures - Jewel Tone Foils

Hello there! The wind carries to me the most wonderful tales of jewels and spices and sock hoppy niceness! I suspect Miss Reghan may be behind all of that, shall we go see? Well now, it does indeed look like things are all ready for a round of Builders Bargains. I see Spiced Silk II, Jewel Tone Foils, and Filigree Enamel! I’ll tell you what, I’ll be over here letting my fingers do the walking over these lovely bargains while you shop.

PixelCat Textures - Filigree Enamel
PixelCat Textures - 50s Atomic Boomerang

Oh, you’re done? Wonderful! Look what I found over here! Creators Market Theme time is upon us, and the theme is Sock Hop! So let’s get hopping to meeting the texture sets. 50s Atomic Boomerang, 50s Patterns, 50s Paper Print, and 50s Jammies Material. I think… while all of you have your sock hop fun I am going to curl up in a pair of 50s jammies and have a much needed nap. Happy shopping, and we’ll see you next time at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - 50s Patterns
PixelCat Textures - 50s Paper Print
PixelCat Textures - 50s Jammies Material

Golden Texturetunities

PixelCat Textures - Vintage Colours - Knits
PixelCat Textures - Pastel Coloured Fur

Hello hello! The weekend has arrived, and with it are some beautiful bargains. Let’s take a look at Builders Bargains, shall we? This time around Miss Reghan brings you Vintage Colours – Knits, and Pastel Coloured Fur as her deals, and how pretty they are! In fact I might be having a bit of diffulty telling you about these as I can’t seem to stop touching them. Soft and pretty, mmmm yeah!

PixelCat Textures - Marble 3
PixelCat Textures -All the Gold
PixelCat Textures - Celtic Metal (Alpha)

Perhaps we should saunter back to the shop now, for there’s no reason to delay showing off even more pretties. My 60L Secret is going, and with it Miss Reghan presents you with Marble 3, All The Gold, and Celtic Metal (Alpha). I have to admit, my typist’s celtic heart did a little leap of joy seeing the metal set! And the delectable tones of the marble and gold sets have me of a mind to do a bit of redecorating in the bathing facilities. Warm and luxurious? Yeah, that’s sounding great to me! You’ll find these sets in the main shop at PixelCat.

PixelCat Textures - Colab 116 - Gold Foils
PixelCat Textures - Colab 116 - All That Glitters
PixelCat Textures - Houndstooth Tweed

And for the grand finale of introductions, here come the Colab sets! Gold Foils step forward with that special shine, while close behind them is All That Glitters who refuses to be outdone. And then we have sweet Houndtooth Tweed making a most delightful entrance. Simply entrancing methinks! Golden Texturetunities indeed. You will find these at the main shop as well. Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you at PixelCat!

Four More

PixelCat Textures - More Scarf Material

Hello there! I hope life is treating you well. I’m happy to see you, you’re just in time for me to show off the three lovely sets of textures our dear Miss Reghan has available for Builders Bargains. (I know, there are only three and the title says four, but when you see their names, that makes much more sense!)

So without further delay meet More Scarf Material, Four Metals, and More Corduroys. Honestly, I can’t decide which ones I want to touch first, so I’m going to swoop them all into a pile and let my fingers delight in all the awesome tactile fun. These lovelies can be yours for a bargain this at Builders Bargains, and we’ll see you next time at PixelCat!

PixelCat Textures - Four Metals
PixelCat Textures - More Corduroys